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The Power Dog Chews Story

We created Power Dog Chews so that we could have a product that really works to help make our best friends as active and healthy as they can be. All of our products are manufactured and ingredients are sourced in the USA. We know that using only the highest quality ingredients makes all the difference in the effectiveness of our products.

The Power Dog Chews Secret

We do not cook any of our ingredients, and therefore we provide 100% potency for the dosages. A lot of manufacturers cook their treats and this reduces the potency by over 50%. Ours are never heated and cooked, so we are 100% providing whats on the label for dosage.

Our Promise To You:

Power Dog Chews is committed to providing only the highest quality ingredients for all of our products. We are pet owners ourselves and could never imagine providing subpar ingredients in the treats, food, and supplements we give to our own pets..

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